Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The original SUNDAY JOINT was conceived and brought into being by Roger C and Lesley Green (manageress of the Vortex Jazz Bar) after a series of highly successful semi-legal, warehouse parties in the Stoke Newington area of North-East London... The idea was that it be an event where people could wind down & relax after a hard weekend of partying, however when the beer started to flow anything could happen, and it was not unknown for spontaneous outbreaks of dancing on the bar to "jump-up" hip-hop, to erupt.

"Phat Beats, Hip-Hop, Funky Soundtracks, Drum'n'Bass and Loungecore... all sewn up with a tenous jazz thread" was the by-line - because at that time the Vortex was one of the longest running and respected jazz clubs in London, visited by many famous international jazz musicians. Many of the local DJ's who made guest appearances on the turntables with Roger C were drawn from Stokies huge pool of talent - Nigel Clark from chart-toppers Dodgy, Tjinder Singh from indie stalwarts Cornershop, MIchael Dog from the infamous Club Dog and Planet Dog Records, all the serious vinyl-heads from Totem Records across the street. Alt-cabaret songstresses Pearl Harbour and Dee Day Landings made a few appearances, the Bikini Beach Band were frequently involved - the only thing predictable about the Sunday Joint was it's un-predictability.

Resident DJ Roger C quit the UK in November 1998 for Los Angeles and eventually Sydney, Australia but The Sunday Joint continued on at The Vortex until May / June of the following year... there was a tie-in with Sonnie Mann's Chapel of Karaoke every couple of weeks... Tom Middleton made an appearance. Eventually though the Joint came to an end in the early summer of 1999.

Just unearthed from the vaults are these posters and flyers..

The Vortex Jazz Bar

However, The Sunday Joint was definitely not going to die... in December of 1999, Roger C resurrected the concept in Sydney, in the upstairs lounge of the Well Connected internet cafe in Glebe, a neighborhood very similar to Stoke Newington in many ways, but with more sun and less shootings. It ran there for five months, throughout the long hot Australian summer, with Roger C being joined every week by local guest djs, and finished at the end of April 2000 with the expiration of his Australian visitors visa.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The undisputed king of deep funk will be continuing his DJ residency here in the Powder Room at The Apolo here in Barcelona.... his confirmed dates so far:

  • Thursday, 9th February 2006
  • Thursday, 10th March 2006
  • Thursday, 13th April 2006

If you've never seen him play, you've been missing something very, very special...


In addition to their regular Sunday night event - THE SUNDAY JOINT - from the beginning of next month, Roger © and Lloyd will be hosting a new monthly event called BIG WEDNESDAY at SIFO in the Raval district of Barcelona. However as THE SUNDAY JOINT is very much an early evening, post-weekend, recovery event - BIG WEDNESDAY will be aimed fully at the dancefloor with both barrels blazing...

BIG WEDNESDAY is all about big tunes from every genre of roots music - bound together with the cohesive glue of funk. Rhythm & Blues, Soul Stompers, Jazz, Latin Boogaloo, Original Disco, Afrobeat, Reggae, Dancehall & Old-School Hip-Hop. Plus of course Funk from every continent, from every decade and every genre - blended to pefection and splashed liberally across the dancefloor. The classics and the the rare, music from fifty years ago and tunes from last week - selected and mixed as if they were born to be together.

BIG WEDNESDAY is for dancers, in a comfortable bar, with a fat sound system and plenty of room to move. If you haven't been reduced to a liquid pool of sweating, heaving human protoplasm by the end of the night, then Roger and Lloyd will gladly let you kick their asses.

Here's the lowdown:
Wednesday, 1st February (then the first Wednesday of each month)
22:00 - 02.30
c/Espalter 4
El Raval
Barcelona 08001
Admission Free
Map: Click Here

Looking forward to seeing you there...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

New MySpace Group / Forum

Have just created another new home on the web for THE SUNDAY JOINT over at MySpace - it's a Group / Forum, so feel free to hop over there and enter anything you like relating to THE JOINT or just chat with whoever else is around.


Enter whatever you like - music requests, alternate recipes for vodka jellies... all input welcome.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Soul legend Wilson Pickett has died aged 64 after suffering a heart attack in Virginia. His management company said that he had been in poor health for the past year, and last performed in 2004. Born in Alabama, Pickett shot to fame in the 1960s, with hits including "In The Midnight Hour" (which Pickett co-wrote) and "Mustang Sally".
Ben Challis
We'll be having a tribute to the great man at this week's Sunday Joint...


Sunday, January 08, 2006


Who fancies a nice reggae rockers night out, next Saturday 14th January?
Reggae Splash is on at Carpa on Av.Mistral (Rocafort/Calabria) in St.Antoni
Unless I'm reading the flyer wrong it's a ridiculously cheap €1.00 (per nomes is that per person?)
From 21.30 - 03.00
It features
NYAHBINGI SOUND (who are excellent)

Sounds pretty damn good to me....

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Every Sunday from 8th January 2006. 19:00 - 24:00
Todo los Domingos comenzar 8 Enero, 2006. 19:00 - 24:00

c/Carme 74, El Raval, Barcelona 08001
Entrada Gratis

DJ's Roger© and Lloyd:
Vintage Funk, Raw Soul, Afrobeat, Old-School Hip-Hop, Latin Boogaloo, Roots Reggae, Rhythm & Blues, Soundtracks y mas...

THE SUNDAY JOINT returns this weekend Sunday 8th January, with more music, more cult movies & visuals, more vodka jellies than ever before.

THE SUNDAY JOINT retornar Domingo 8 Enero con mas musica, mas pelicula de culto y animaciones, mas gelatina con vodka ,

When Senses closes at midnight, Roger© will be heading to the other side of Raval, to play more tunes at a brand new club night called A FAMILY BUSINESS @ Sifo, c/Espalter 4… in the street opposite the legendary Absinthe bar, el Marsella. With a fat sound system and proper dance floor – this event will go on until late.

Cuando cierre Senses a medianoche, Roger© se desplazarán al otro lado de El Raval para seguir pinchando temas gordos en un nuevo club llamado A FAMILY BUSINESS @ Sifó, C/ Espalter 4.... justo en frente del bar legendario de absenta, el Marsella. Con un buen sound system y una pista de baile de verdad, esta fiesta no tiene hora límite.

See you on Sunday

Hasta Domingo

Monday, January 02, 2006


Yikes I don't know how this one sneaked in under my "funk radar" - but here it is, New York's superfunky SUGARMAN 3 with LEE FIELDS, doing a show right here in Barcelona this bloody week!

Wednesday 4th January @ Razzmatazz 3
Starts @ 10.00pm, tickets are €13.00 in advance, €16.00 on the door.

SUGARMAN 3 are part of Brooklyn's Daptone label responsible for the sublime SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS who probably played one of Barcelona's best live gigs of 2005 @ La Paloma. So if you love funky music - just don't miss this show, or you'll be kickin' your own ass all year!